Vet Bed Buying Guide: Keep Your Pets Warm, Comfortable & Safe! 03 May 2023

Vet Bed Buying Guide: Keep Your Pets Warm, Comfortable & Safe!

If you're anything like us, keeping your dog or cat happy, and creating a safe space for them to sleep and relax, is a top priority!

For over 15 years, we've been designing, supplying and producing vet bedding of the highest quality and the best value for money made right here in the UK.

In our experience, pet owners sometimes need help choosing the right vet bedding to keep their pets warm and safe with so many options on the market. Within our range of bedding, we offer traditional, non-slip, super gold and more!

Luckily, our friendly team of experts creating the bedding and fillings at our working mill in Keighley, West Yorkshire, know vet bedding inside out and are always on hand to help answer customers' questions.

What is Vet Bedding?

Vet bedding is a fabric-based material used in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, kennels, and domestic homes to make animals feel safe and warm. It can come in many forms, including quilts, blankets, mattresses, pads, wraps and sheets.

Luxury Vet Bedding

In a veterinary setting, vet bedding is often used post-treatment to help keep animals comfortable, particularly for those suffering from joint pain or recovering from an operation. Many vets choose our vet bedding thanks to the high quality and greater resilience.

At home, it is used as a cushioning layer on top of other surfaces such as dog crates, furniture and even car boot liners. It can also be used as your pet's everyday bed, with the ultra-soft deep pile providing a cosy place for your pet to rest and sleep.

Top breeders and kennels also choose Bronte Glen vet bedding for its premium quality and durability; it is designed to last longer than cheaper alternatives while still being light enough to be easily washed.

In all cases, the unique drainage properties of vet bedding prevent moisture build-up and can help absorb moisture caused by any accidents.

It's because of this that vet bedding is much more hygienic than traditional blankets or carpets, making it the perfect choice for any pet-owning home or caregiving setting.

Bronte Glen Vet Bedding

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What is Your Vet Bedding Made From?

We make vet bedding with Polyester (Traditional and Non-Slip), a special polypropylene (Super Gold) or a Polyester / Wool mix (Senior Gold), which provides superb heat retention thanks to the thick pile.

Our Bronte Glen Super Gold Vet Bedding is a customer favourite and is made with an even thicker pile than traditional vet bedding. It will last up to 1,000 washes and contains antibacterial fibres to stop the breakdown of bacteria and fungi and starve dust mites, preventing them from living on or in your dog's bed.

This is particularly important because dust mites can cause an allergic reaction in both animals and humans, as well as exacerbate existing allergies.

Additionally, some of our vet bedding comes with non-slip backing, so it's safe to use on slippery surfaces like hard floors, car boots, crates, and kennels.

What are the Benefits of Vet Bedding?

Vet bedding offers numerous benefits, making it a great choice for those looking to give their pets a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. Some of the biggest benefits include:

Durability – Vet bedding is designed to withstand years of use, making it a great investment for pet owners. Our traditional vet bedding is made with a double-woven backing to strengthen the core and reduce the effects of chewing.

Breathability – The unique properties of vet bedding make it breathable, helping regulate body temperature and keeping animals comfortable in any weather.

Hygiene – With its moisture-wicking properties, vet bedding also helps prevent the build-up of bacteria, fungi and dust mites that can be present in traditional blankets. Bedding with absorbent backing also keeps your pet dry after any accidents.

Safety – Products like our active non-slip vet bedding are designed to reduce movement on hard floors and within a crate/whelping box. This reduces the risk of your pet slipping or injuring themselves during their sleep.

What are the Benefits of Vet Bedding

Using Vet Bedding for Pregnant Dogs & Cats

Creating a safe and warm space for pregnant or nursing pets is essential, as it helps them to relax and feel secure. Luckily our vet bedding offers the perfect solution.

The unique properties of vet bedding, like our Super Gold Vet Bedding, provide maximum cushioning and comfort, with the durable fabric preventing any movement or displacement. It also helps to absorb any fluids that may be present during this sensitive stage.

Additionally, vet bedding is perfect for welcoming new puppies and kittens into the world. The antibacterial properties reduce the risk of infection, while the pile provides a soft and cosy place for them to begin exploring the world.

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Vet Bedding vs Traditional Dog Beds

When it comes to choosing the right bedding for your pet, vet bedding can be a better choice than traditional dog beds for some pet owners. Vet bedding offers excellent insulation and heat retention properties and is easy to clean and maintain.

So, if you want to give your pet the best chance of a comfortable night's sleep, vet bedding should be at the top of your list!

Vet Bedding vs Traditional Dog Beds

Cleaning Vet Beds

we recommend cleaning bedding in the washing machine up to a temperature of up to 40C.

Our traditional vet bedding can be washed up to temperatures of 90C if you need to do a full antibacterial wash. However, we recommend washing at 30C to help maintain the integrity of the materials and make your bedding last longer.

Once clean, you can either hang it to air dry or you can put the bedding in the tumble dryer on low heat.

For regular cleaning, you can simply brush or vacuum away any dirt. Regular cleaning is important because it helps you to maintain the life of your bedding and prevents a build-up or spread of bacteria.

Choose Bronte Glen for the Best Vet Bedding Online!

Whether you're a vet or kennels looking for vet bedding in bulk, or your want to give your pet a warm and cosy place to sleep at home, Bronte Glen vet bedding is the best on the market – we guarantee you'll notice the difference vs cheaper competitors.

If you need further help choosing the right vet bedding for your pet, our experts are always on hand to help.

You can speak with us via email or get in touch via our sales hotline on 01535 662359. Remember, we also offer free samples of all our vet bedding so you can choose the best bedding for your animals.

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Vet Bedding FAQs

Still got questions? We've created a short list of the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice when buying your vet bedding online! We also have a dedicated FAQ page with more information about materials, delivery and returns.

Can I Use Vet Bedding for Dogs & Cats?

Yes! Vet bedding is suitable for both cats and dogs. For younger pets, we recommend Super Gold vet bedding, whereas Senior Gold is best suited to older pets as it's designed for those with arthritis and joint conditions.

Can I Buy Vet Bedding on a Roll?

We supply vet bedding on rolls which is most popular with breeders, kennels and veterinary practices. It's often the most cost-effective way to purchase vet bedding in bulk, and our vet bedding rolls are up to 10m long. We can also help if you have bespoke requirements or need vet bedding by the square metre.

Where is Your Vet Bedding Made?

We're proud to say all of our vet bedding is made right here in the UK, at our mill in Keighley, West Yorkshire. For over 15 years, we've been dedicated to creating dog and cat bedding with a luxurious feel and the highest quality.

Do You Offer Free Samples of Your Vet Bedding?

We offer free samples of all of our vet bedding products. Simply find the product you like on our website and use the 'request a free sample' form to submit your details, and we'll get it sent out straight away.

Is Vet Bedding Suitable for All Life Stages?

Vet bedding can be used for cats and dogs at all life stages, from puppies to pregnant and nursing animals through to older dogs. Within our range, we offer specialist vet bedding for different ages, such as our Senior Gold Vet Bedding which has a thicker pile and softer feel.

What Makes Your Vet Bedding the Best?

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Feefo, the quality and durability of our vet bedding speak for themselves! Our polyester materials provide superior heat retention, while our Super Gold Vet Bedding contains Antibacterial Fibres to prevent the breakdown of bacteria and dust mites.