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Does your dog's bed need a little TLC? We have a range of dog bed washes, replacement mattresses, and inner cushions to help you care for and maintain your pup's sleeping space. Keep their bed clean and refreshed so it stays comfortable for your canine companion.

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Keeping your dog's bed clean and fresh is important for both their comfort and health. Bronte Glen offers a great range of care products specifically designed to help you look after our range of wool and waterproof dog beds.

Nikwax Dog Bed Wash

All of our top-quality beds can be machine washed, which is one of the reasons why so many pet parents choose our beds over others. To help give them a deep and gentle clean, we have specially formulated Nikwax washes that are designed to keep your dog's bed looking, feeling and smelling like new.

Our range includes wool wash and waterproof wash for easy cleaning of our wool and waterproof beds without compromising our gold-standard quality materials.

Use these washes on the beds after a muddy wet walk, and you'll keep your pup's bed clean and hygienic – ready for a good sleep.

Replacement Dog Bed Covers & Inners

We also have a variety of spare dog bed parts should you need to replace any parts of your dog bed.

You'll find dog bed replacement covers and cushion inserts for all of our bed ranges, made from the same top-quality materials as the original bed, so you can be sure to get the same superior comfort.

At Bronte Glen, we're dedicated to helping you keep your pup comfortable and safe at home – browse our range of dog bed care and spare products today to keep their bed clean, refreshed and ready for a good sleep!


All Bronte Glen dog beds are domestic machine-wash safe. Just be sure to check the label for the right cycle temperature for the bed you have. Pop it into the washing machine along with our Nikwax washes, and hang to air dry.

Yes, we sell dog bed replacement covers for all of our dog bed ranges should you need to replace them. We also have spare cushion inserts for our mattress beds.

You can clean our tweed wool dog beds by putting them into the washing machine on a wool wash, ideally with a wool protection product. They come with removable covers, so you can easily take the cover off to wash. Use our Nikwax wool wash to keep the bed in good condition, and hang to air dry. The cushion inserts can also be washed.

Every dog is different, so there’s no specific time you should wash your dog bed – you’ll know when it’s time for the bed to be washed. Some of our dog beds can go months without being washed, especially our Trojan range. You might want to wash it more regularly if you have a mucky pup! Your dog's hygiene is just as important as yours, so keeping their sleeping space clean is key to avoid any skin infections or allergies.