Wool fillings

Discover our range of wool filling for soft toys, cushions, pillows and a range of other craft projects. Perfect for replacing old cushion filling, new craft projects, and filling dog beds. Much of our wool filling is manufactured in our West Yorkshire working mill using UK-sourced materials, ensuring the highest quality products with an unmatched level of comfort.

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At Bronte Glen, we offer a range of wool cushion fillings perfect for a whole range of projects.

Our wool filling is UK sourced, with some of our range produced at our family-owned working mill in West Yorkshire, so you can be confident you’re only getting premium quality.

Soft Toy Filling

Eco-wool is a great choice for stuffing soft toys for people and pups! It's ideal for replacing and repairing old and worn toys, or for making your own.

Our recycled polyester filling is another great choice that’s popular with our craft and wholesale customers. At less than £100 per 10kg, it’s great value and comes with free UK mainland delivery.

Quality Mattress and Cushion Filling

Our quality wool filling is perfect for use in cushions and mattresses to replace old stuffing or use to create your own. It provides the right amount of support and comfort for relaxing but also keeps its shape so your new bedding lasts a long time.

Bronte Glen can supply single orders, part loads, pallets and full containers, ready to ship to the UK or worldwide. Wherever you are and whatever you need, we can help!

Best Dog Bed Filling from Bronte Glen

Our customers regularly tell us we offer the best wool filling for dog beds and to replace worn-down cushion material. We have 5 types of wool cushion filling perfect for your pup, with each providing its own benefits and level of padding. Some are even used in our own range of dog beds and mattresses.

With our easy-to-order system, you can purchase our dog bed stuffing by the kilogram and buy the perfect amount for your pup’s bed, mattress or cushion.

Shop the best quality wool filling for dog beds, soft toys, cushions and craft projects with Bronte Glen today and get free UK mainland shipping when your spend over £35.


Our wool filling is great for people and dogs! It's highly popular for home and craft projects and is particularly great for stuffing pillows, cushions and mattresses. It's perfect for filling dog beds, too. You can replace old cushion filling or add extra support and comfort.

Our wool filling makes an excellent cushion filler. We have 5 different types of wool filling, all offering different levels of padding and comfort, giving you plenty of choice for your project. This includes unprocessed UK fleece wool, balled wool, wool silver, lush wool filling and eco wool.

Yes, wool is naturally hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, making it the perfect choice for cushion filling. It's also odour-resistant and very long-lasting, giving you the perfect combination of comfort and durability.

Our Best Balled Wool is the best choice for use inside our wool dog beds. This filling gives better bounce and is less likely to clump up, giving a comfortable and even cushioning.