Dog Mattresses

Shop our range of dog mattress beds in 4 sizes and 9 colours and give your pet the snooze of their dreams! Our mattress beds are extremely tough and waterproof on the outside, with soft, premium filling on the inside, providing the perfect place for your pup to rest their paws.

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The Best Dog Bed Mattresses Around

Your pet deserves the best sleep every night, and with our dog mattress beds, you can give them just that.

Choose from 9 colours and styles to suit your pet’s personality and your home, and 4 sizes (bespoke options are also available) to fit your furry friend perfectly.

Waterproof Dog Mattress for Mucky Pups

As much as we love our mucky pups, we know the mess can sometimes become a little too much! That’s where our Trojan Waterproof Dog Beds come in handy.

These waterproof dog mattresses are made using ballistic nylon, designed to be both durable and hygienic (they're one of the toughest dog beds out there). After a messy and busy day at the park or in the fields, you can easily wipe the beds down with a wet cloth – or hose down outside for tough mud and dirt.

The nylon we use for these pet beds is the same material used to make bullet and stab-proof vests, so you can be more than confident in the high durability.

Filled With Premium Stuffing for Top-Tier Comfort

Using premium materials processed at our working mill, we fill all these beds with polyester-balled fibre inserts*, creating excellent support for young and old dogs.

The unique properties of the polyester filling mean the fibres don’t become clumped or easily worn down over time, creating a bed that lasts and stays comfortable for longer. And because all our beds are made in the same mill, following a strict quality control system, you can be sure your dog’s bed is truly first-class!

We understand that older dogs need added comfort and support, so our best-selling Senior Gold 7+ mattress beds feature additional, clump-free stuffing, perfect for dogs over 7+ years old who need a little extra support.

Give Your Pet the Best Sleep With Bronte Glen

Our waterproof dog mattresses are ideal for your pet, whether they enjoy their muddy walks a little too much, sink their teeth into anything they can find, or are just completely chilled out.

We believe in using only the highest quality materials and crafting each product carefully so you can be sure your dog will love it!

Order online through our website, or get in touch if you’d like to request one of our bespoke dog beds.

*Other fillings are available upon request. Please contact our sales team for more info.


A dog mattress bed provides an excellent sleeping surface for your pet – and ours are the best around! We fill our dog mattresses with a good amount of polyester-balled fibre, which helps to support your pet’s joints and muscles.

The materials used to craft the outer covers of our beds are also premium quality, meaning your pup will have a comfortable and supportive place to sleep

Our Trojan Waterproof Mattress Beds are a great all-round choice. The outer cover is super easy to clean, so you can simply wipe or hose dirt from the cover. Thanks to the super tough ballistic nylon outer cover, this mattress is also incredibly durable and resistant to tears.

Our Merino Wool Mattress Beds are a great choice for all-year-round, as the 100% Merino wool helps to keep your pup warm in winter and cool in summer. Similarly, our Country Classic Tweed Bed Mattresses add a traditional touch to any home while still offering our iconic comfort level.

For senior pups, our Senior Gold 7+ Mattress Beds are perfect – they provide extra warmth and support for tired joints.

To keep your dog mattress bed in tip-top condition, spot clean the outer cover regularly or whenever the bed gets dirty. A vacuum or damp cloth soaked in a pet-friendly detergent should do the job. For more stubborn mess, you can wash your bed following our care instructions.

Our dog bed mattresses are filled with inserts stuffed with balled-polyester fibre as standard, offering your pup a fantastic all-around bed base. We also offer other stuffing options, like our best-balled wool. Wool is a great filling choice if you want your dog to have an even more luxe and cosy sleeping surface.

Please get in touch if you'd like more advice on our dog bed fillings.