Cushions & Pillows

Our range of cushion pads, scatter cushions and pillows are made using either incredible-quality pure British wool or hollow fibre polyester, making for the comfiest and most durable cushions you can find. All the cushion inner filling is processed at our working mill in West Yorkshire, UK, to ensure the very best quality. Available for UK-wide delivery.

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Premium Polyester and Wool Filled Cushions

You'll find the finest quality cushion pads, scatter cushions and pillows for your home here at Bronte Glen.

The cushion inner fillings are manufactured and processed at our West Yorkshire mill using only the best wool and polyester fabrics.

Our scatter cushions are ideal for arranging in your home to create a cosy and homely feel, whilst our range of pillows makes for a comfortable night's sleep.

Scatter Cushions & Cushion Pads Made in the UK

Take your pick from our polyester and wool-filled cushions, perfect for adding extra comfort to any room in your home.

Our wool cushions are made using only 100% pure British wool, processed at our working mill. The filling is encased in a cream cambric cotton cover, adding to the luxurious feel.

The polyester cushions are made using the finest polyester and encased in the same high-grade cambric cotton as the wool cushion pads.

We stock our scatter cushions in 6 different sizes, so you can select whichever is best for your space. We also offer bespoke sizes and shapes, so if you can't find exactly what you're after, do get in touch!

Best Wool & Hollowdown Pillows

We also have a range of pillows to choose from. Using the same fantastic pure British wool and hollow fibre polyester as our scatter cushions, our pillows are available in various pack sizes, so you can furnish your home exactly as you need to.

Our pillows have been stuffed with filling to provide medium support, giving you a great night's sleep.

Shop the finest cushion pads, scatter cushions and pillows at Bronte Glen for the best comfort and quality.


Wool makes for an excellent natural choice for cushion inserts, especially good for those with allergies to processed fabrics. It provides the great comfort and support of our cheaper polyester fibre-filled inserts while being more ecofriendly.

The cushion insert should be the same size or one size bigger than the cushion cover to make sure that it fits snugly. If the cover is too big for the cushion pad, then the cover will be loose.

This depends on the allergy, but both of our types of filling options are hypoallergenic; wool is naturally so, and our polyester because it’s hollow fibre. Both make great choices for those with allergies.

Yes! We're gladly able to provide bespoke cushion pads and scatter cushions to your exact specifications. Whether you're after a specific shape or size of cushion inserts or pillows, we can work with you to provide a product that perfectly fits your needs.