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Vet Bedding Trojan Waterproof Dog Beds Wool Dog Beds merino wool for felting polyester filling wool & acrylic tweed slivers Trade Dog Bed and Vet Bedding manufacturer providing Dog Beds plus Pet Beds and Veterinary Beds and Bedding Wool Rugs wholesale export & retail direct. Commission blending carding & gilling.

Buy Direct from the UK Dog Bed Specialists vet bedding manufactures export wholesale & retail @ The Dog Bed Factory.

We provide a huge range of quality waterproof dog beds plus pet and wholesale veterinary beds manufacturers export including wool dog bed vet bedding trade, wool and plus wool bedding. We also have a large amount of other quality products direct from our Vet bedding factory @ wholesale & export prices.

Our full range of dog beds plus pet and veterinary beds and bedding are available to purchase from our online shop for retail & vets bed wholesale. Tweed slivers for hand knitting spinning.