Travel Dog Beds

Discover our range of travel dog beds for your furry friend – perfect for long car trips, caravan weekends away, or even boating trips. Choose from our pet-parent and vet-approved dog bedding collections crafted from luxuriously thick polyester and wool.

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Travel Dog Beds Manufactured in the UK

Whether you want to protect your car from pet hair or you just want to make sure your pampered pooch has a comfortable ride, our dog travel bed range is the perfect solution.

Our range features luxury our luxurious vet bedding ranges, including Traditional, Senior Gold, and Super Gold, to ensure your dog is comfortable and secure while on the go. Each bed is expertly manufactured in our West Yorkshire working mill, using high-quality materials to provide ultimate comfort and durability.

Our ‘Active’ Non-Slip Vet Bedding is the best universal dog travel bed, thanks to the clever non-slip backing. We’ve developed this backing with an ‘active’ formula that ensures the bedding stays securely in place during travel, whether it's on a car seat, in a crate, or on a boat floor. The 28mm 100% polyester pile fabric is also highly absorbent, ensuring your dog stays dry and comfortable even on long journeys.

All types of our vet travel beds can easily be rolled up when not in use, making it the perfect solution for trips with your furry friend.

Space Saving Folding Travel Dog Bed

The Fold-Away Bed from our Trojan collection is a fantastic travel companion for your pup. We’ve designed this bed with a simple yet effective fold-up design with a handy over-shoulder handle for transporting. Fold the bed over while you’re travelling to take up minimal space in your car, and unfold the bed once you get to your destination.

It’s also made from the same ballistic nylon as the rest of our Trojan Beds, so it’s just as tough and durable, perfect for outdoor adventures. The waterproof nature of this material helps protect the back seat of your car from mud and accidents.

Shop the range today and give your dog the ultimate comfort during their holiday.


Yes, our travel dog beds are machine washable. Our vet bedding and Trojan Fold-Away Bed are machine-washable at 30°C. Please refer to our dog bed cleaning instructions for further details.


Yes, we offer bespoke sizes for our travel dog beds. If you need a specific size that is not listed on our website, please contact us, and we'd be happy to accommodate your needs.


The best place for your dog when you travel is in the boot or in the back seat of the car. This allows your pooch to be properly restrained with a harness, guard, or crate. Your dog can ride on the front seat if they're suitably restrained, but they can't be held by a passenger or sit in the footwell.


Yes, it's a legal requirement in the UK for dogs to be suitably restrained when in a car, according to rule 57 of the highway code. This often takes the form of seat belt harnesses, crates, or dog guards. Our range of travel dog beds is suitable to be used with restraint measures in the car.