Traditional Vet Bedding White
Traditional Vet Bedding White
Traditional Vet Bedding White
Traditional Vet Bedding White

Traditional Vet Bedding White

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White Traditional Vet Bedding

Our Traditional Vet Bedding is the go-to choice for pet kennels, veterinary clinics, breeders and pet owners. It's recommended by many vets across the UK for its superior quality and comfort.

This white vet bed is suitable for all ages, from young and elderly pets, and those with allergies, making it a great option for all types of animals.

The 100% polyester pile fabric has superb moisture and heat retention properties, keeping your pet warm and dry at all times. The ultra-soft deep 28mm material provides a layer of cushioning and comfort for your pet, making it the ideal everyday bed and for aiding nursing.

Our traditional vet beds can be machine-washed at 30°C with a non-biological detergent to maintain the freshness and hygiene of your pet's bedding.

  • Premium quality veterinary bedding made in the UK
  • 28mm thick 100% polyester pile fabric in classic white
  • Superb heat retention & absorbent properties
  • Double-woven backing to reduce chewing damage
  • Ideal for use in enclosed spaces (crates, boxes, kennels & cars)
  • Non-irritant & hygienic for sensitive pets

All of our vet pet bedding is available in several pre-cut sizes and roll lengths, as well as custom sizes. If you require a specific size of vet bed roll, please call or email us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Vet bedding roll orders will be delivered rolled and wrapped in protective packaging and/or a large box. Orders of 3 or more rolls will be delivered on a pallet.

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