Is Vet Bedding Safe for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs? 11 Jul 2023

Is Vet Bedding Safe for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs?

Bronte Glen vet bedding makes a superb rabbit and guinea pig bed that is safe and comfortable for these small animals.

Even though our vet bedding is most commonly used for dogs and cats, it can certainly be used for any pet – including rabbits and guinea pigs. We only use high-grade fabrics to ensure that our vet bedding is safe and provides the ultimate comfort for your beloved small animals.

Vet Bedding

Whether you're a small animal vet or simply looking for the best rabbit bed for your domestic bunny or guinea pig, Bronte Glen can provide you with the perfect vet bedding solution.

Vet bedding is a great option for keeping rabbits and guinea pigs comfortable. It’s soft, warm, durable, easy to wash, quick to dry, and safe. 

As a veterinary surgeon, I’ve treated many rabbits and guinea pigs with sore eyes and/or pieces of straw in their eyes. Straw is sharp and unforgiving and can cause serious eye injuries such as infections, ulcers or penetration injuries.”Lily Richards BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and Medical Writer

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We have a fantastic selection of vet bedding for rabbits and guinea pigs that each come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and patterns, so you can find the perfect pet bed for your small animal.

All of our vet bedding is incredibly durable and has double-woven backing that makes it difficult for your pet to chew through – a life-saver for many rabbit and guinea pig owners!

Rabbit vet bedding sizing

We have 4 types of vet bedding, all designed with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind.

Our vet bedding range includes:

Traditional Vet Bedding
- Active Non-Slip Vet Bedding
- Super Gold Vet Bedding
- Senior Gold 7+ Vet Bedding

Senior Gold vet Bedding Roll

Our Traditional Vet Bedding makes a great all-around guinea pig and rabbit bed choice. It is made with ultra-soft 28mm pile polyester that rabbits love for snuggling up.

The Active Non-Slip Vet Bedding range uses the same premium polyester material, but it also features an 'active' non-skid backing to keep your pet safe and secure. This is great for when your bunny gets the 'zoomies' in their hutch or cage and stops the bed from being scrunched up.

Our Super Gold Vet Bedding is our most luxurious vet bedding for rabbits and guinea pigs and is the go-to choice for vets, kennels and home pet owners. These beds are made using polyester with antibacterial fibres, making them a great option for pets with skin allergies or problems.

Lastly, the Senior Gold 7+ Vet Bedding is designed for elderly dogs that need a little extra support in their older years, but it also makes a great rabbit or guinea pig bed for older pets. It's made with a special blend of 30% antibacterial wool and polyester fibres that provide a soft, supportive sleeping area.

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Where & How to Use Guinea Pig & Rabbit Vet Bedding

Our vet bedding for rabbits and guinea pigs is great for use in both professional and home settings.

Veterinary Clinics That Care for Small Animals

Vet clinics can use our vet bedding range to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for rabbits and guinea pigs in their care. Our Super Gold Vet Bedding is especially popular in clinics due to its antibacterial properties.

Plus, our vet bedding roll options make it easy to furnish the entire clinic with our high-quality vet bedding. You can choose from our range of roll sizes and cut the bedding as needed to fit your cages and hutches.

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Breeders

Our vet bedding is also great for using for pregnant rabbits and guinea pigs, as it’s super soft and comfortable, which is important for a pregnant animal's wellbeing.

All of our rabbit vet beds have excellent heat-retention properties that keep your pet warm and snug in their hutch or cage.

Puppy Vet Bedding

Everyday Rabbit Beds<

These vet beds are also perfect for everyday bedding. Whether you have a house rabbit or a guinea pig living in a sheltered area outdoors, our vet bedding is great for providing them with the comfort and support they need to get a good night's sleep.

You can also use the beds inside animal carry cases and carriers for when you’re travelling with your pet or taking them to and from the vet to help comfort them.

Vet bedding is soft and durable, preventing injuries to eyes. Vet bedding is non-irritant and doesn’t carry parasites and bugs, making it much more hygienic than other bedding types. 

Vet bedding also allows fluid to pass through and the pile on top to stay dry so your friend gets to stay nice and comfortable, even if they have an accident or spill their water whilst having a play as mine used to all the time. 

So yes, using vet bedding for your rabbit or guinea pig is safe and a great option.


Lily Richards BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and Medical Writer

Summary: Find the Best Guinea Pig and Rabbit Bed from Bronte Glen!

To answer the question, yes, vet bedding is safe for rabbits and pigs! We're specialists in designing and manufacturing vet beds that provide the safety, comfort and support your pet needs, so you can trust that your furry friends are safe and sound when snuggled up in one of our beds. 

Our range of vet bedding is made with high-grade textiles and fabric to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe, whatever type of bed you choose.

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If you need any advice or help with choosing the best bed for your rabbit or guinea pig, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Find the answers to some of our most asked questions about our vet bedding for rabbits and guinea pigs right here.

If you have any other questions regarding our pet beds or our processes, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do Rabbits Need a Bed?

For both house rabbits and rabbits that live outdoors, having a comfortable and safe bed can actually benefit them greatly. Particularly for house rabbits, it's important that they don't sleep on a hard or uncomfortable surface, as this can lead to joint pains and arthritis.

Our vet bedding range is perfect for rabbits of all sizes, as it provides superior comfort and support. Plus, our beds are tough and durable, so they won't get chewed up or damaged easily.

What is the Best Bed for Rabbits?

Our Active Non-Slip Vet Bedding makes an excellent bed for rabbits of all sizes. We use a high-grade 100% polyester fabric that's 28mm thick. It has superb heat retention properties and is also incredibly soft and comfortable for your pet.

Plus, the non-skid backing helps keep your bunny's bed in place when they're running around their cage or hutch.

Can You Use Vet Bedding for Guinea Pigs?

Yes! Bronte Glen's vet bedding can be used for guinea pigs across a whole range of environments, from veterinary clinics to pet homes.

What Bedding Do Vets Use?

Our Super Gold Vet Bedding range is very popular among vets across the UK. The antibacterial properties mean it's suitable for use with multiple animals that come into the clinic, and the thick pile polyester makes it incredibly comfortable and supportive.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used as a substitute for veterinary medical advice.