Buy Vet Bedding on a Roll at Bronte Glen 02 Jun 2023

Buy Vet Bedding on a Roll at Bronte Glen

Our vet bedding rolls are extremely popular with cat and dog kennels, boarding houses and veterinary practices. They make it incredibly easy to furnish your veterinary environment with essential bedding that’s soft, absorbent and comfortable for your animals.

At our working mill in West Yorkshire, we manufacture an array of premium materials that provide a fantastic layer of comfort for animals. Our ready-to-cut rolls are made using these high-quality fabrics, with a selection of standard and custom sizes in various colours and patterns.

Whether it's to support and nurse them back to health post-op or just a cosy place to relax, our vet bedding on a roll will fit the bill perfectly. They can be used for dog beds, cat bedding and other small pets.

We've listed out our types of vet bedding by the roll below so you can explore our options and find the best bedding for your specific needs.

Vet Bedding Products Available by the Roll

We have 4 vet bedding roll styles available, each offering its own benefits and features. All vet bedding rolls are available in standard sizes from 3m x 75cm up to 10m x 150cm, with custom options available (read on for more on this!).

To give you an idea of what's available, here's a closer look:

Bronte Glen Vet Bedding

Senior Gold 7+

Our Senior Gold 7+ is the perfect bedding for older dogs and other pets who need extra cushioning and support in their later years. It's a great option for animals with arthritis and joint problems due to the thicker and softer nature of the wool.

They're made using 30% superwash wool and antibacterial polyester pile fabric that provides a cushioned layer and retains warmth well.

The non-slip backing on this bed means it can be used on hard floors and tiles without any issues, providing your pets with a comfortable place to rest. It can even be used in cars, caravans, boats and whelping box and crates, too.

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Super Gold Vet Bedding 

The Super Gold bedding range is an ideal option for pets with skin or allergy problems and is recommended by vets across Europe. It's made with a Permafresh Fibre that stops the build-up of bacteria and fungi, making for a much more hygienic environment.

The Super Gold bedding is also incredibly easy to clean and can be machine washed up to 1000 times before the Permafresh Fibres start to break down – perfect for veterinary practices for reusing bedding.

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Active Non-Slip Vet Bedding 

Our active Non-Slip roll of vet bedding is particularly popular with pet owners and vets alike. It uses the same 'active' non-slip backing as on our Senior Gold bedding and a 28mm thick pile polyester that offers comfort, support and heat retention.

One of the reasons why our customers love this bedding is because of the fantastic choice of colours and patterns. The collection includes fun paw-print designs, plaids and stripes, as well as a range of block colours.

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Traditional Vet Bedding 

Traditional vet bedding is a popular choice for those looking for a classic look. It's made with our high-quality 100% polyester pile fabric and a double-woven backing to strengthen the core so that pups who are chewers and diggers won't have any luck destroying it.

It's also non-irritant and non-allergenic, so it's safe and comfortable for all furry friends, which is especially important for use in veterinary practices where animals may have sensitive skin.

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Who We Supply To

Our vet bedding is loved for both domestic and commercial uses, but our vet bedding by the roll is especially popular with pet owners, kennels and veterinary practices.

Vet practices and kennel owners find our vet bedding rolls useful for furnishing dog and cat crates, as the rolls can be easily cut to the right size for the space. Depending on the size roll purchased, you're able to cut multiple beds from each roll, giving you great value for money and customisation options.

Not only that, but the hypoallergenic materials used in all types of our beds are a must when multiple pets are using the area. They're machine-washable, so they can be washed in between patients, too. That way, you can ensure that hygiene is maintained throughout the kennel or vet practice.

Trade Customers

We also offer the ability for trade customers to open a trade account with us. This will give you access to exclusive discounts on our products, as well as the ability to place custom orders for larger rolls and/or bulk orders of multiple rolls.

For more information on our trade account options, please get in touch with one of our sales team members via email or submit an application here.

Bespoke Orders & Requirements

If you need a specific size or amount of vet bedding roll, we can create custom orders to meet your requirements.

While we have a great variety of standard roll sizes, we know that there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to furnishing a veterinary environment, so we're happy to work with you to create a bespoke solution.

We can create a custom length and width for your vet bed roll with the colour or pattern of your choice – all you have to do is get in touch with us via email or call, and we'll be happy to discuss what you need.

Summary: Shop Vet Bedding by the Roll at Bronte Glen

At Bronte Glen, we've been manufacturing high-quality vet bedding at our West Yorkshire mill for years, and we're trusted by many professional vets across the UK. We're dedicated to providing pet carers and owners with the best quality bedding for their animals.

Whether you're looking for a traditional vet bedding roll or something more supportive for elderly companions, we have a fantastic selection. Choose from our standard sizes, or get in touch with us for a custom order – whatever your requirement, we can accommodate it.


Our vet bedding rolls are delivered rolled up and wrapped in a protective packaging layer or inside a box. Orders for 3 or more rolls will be delivered on a pallet

This will depend on the roll size you've ordered, as smaller rolls will obviously weigh less than longer or wider rolls. Our average vet bedding weighs approximately 2kg per 100cm x 150cm.

Our vet bed rolls come in various standard lengths as follows:

- 3m x 75cm
- 5m x 75cm
- 10m x 75cm
- 5m x 150cm
- 10m x 150cm
- 15m x 150cm

We can create bespoke sizes and lengths on request, too, so if you need something specific for your space, do get in touch!

We recommend cutting our dog bed rolls with a sharp utility knife, cutting from the underneath side as opposed to the top. This will ensure that you don't damage the pile fabric and get a clean-cut edge when it's finished.