Active Non-slip Vet Bedding

Non-slip vet bedding from Bronte Glen is perfect for use on slippy surfaces where a regular dog bed just won't do. Using amazing quality 100% polyester pile fabric and an 'active' non-slip backing formula, this bedding is designed to provide maximum comfort and security for your pup, allowing them to sleep soundly without the bed sliding around.

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Here at Bronte Glen, we offer a fantastic range of non-slip vet beds for dogs in a variety of sizes, styles and colours

We have designed the active non-slip backing on these beds to stay put on all types of hard floors, including wood and tiled floors, and even cars, caravans and boats for making sure the bed doesn’t slide during travel.

Non-Slip Vet Bedding Made Using Top-Quality Materials

The 100% polyester pile fabric we use to create our non-slip vet bedding offers a cosy layer of comfort for helping your pup doze off peacefully day and night. We use 28mm thick pile fabric with superb heat retention, which makes for a fantastic everyday bed, even in the winter.

Our beds are also non-irritant and non-allergenic, so you know your pet is in the best of care. This can be particularly useful if your pet is prone to allergies or has a skin condition.

When it comes to washing, our non-slip vet beds are machine-wash-friendly, so it's really easy to keep them clean and hygienic. Just put them onto a 40°c cycle and air dry or tumble dry on low heat. The easy-to-clean nature of our beds is one of the reasons customers love Bronte Glen!

Bespoke Dog Bed Sizes

Can't find a size for your dog? Not to worry! We offer bespoke sizes, too. Please get in touch with us at with your request, and we'll be happy to help you out.

Find the perfect non-slip vet bed for dogs at Bronte Glen. Shop the range now and keep your pup cosy and secure!


Our non-slip vet bedding has an 'active' backing formula that prevents the bed from slipping on hard floors. They're great for using on wood and tiled floors, as well as cars, caravans, boats, crates and whelping boxes.

We use our 100% polyester pile fabric for all of our non-slip beds. The pile fabric comes in 28mm deep, offering superb heat retention and premium comfort for your pup.

Our non-slip vet beds feature an active non-slip backing that stops the dog bed from sliding around on hard floors and surfaces.

Our non-slip vet bedding is available in a huge range of sizes, from as small as 51x51cm to as large as 100x150cm. We do also offer bespoke bedding sizes, so if your dog needs something a little more specific, we can help you out. Just get in touch!