Dog Crate Beds

Our range of premium dog crate beds are perfect for home pet owners, kennels and veterinary practices for placing inside dog crates and whelping boxes. They provide a supportive and comfortable surface for your pet to lie on, relax, and sleep comfortably.

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Dog Beds for Cosy Crates

Whether you're travelling with your pooch or you want to provide a safe space for the dogs in your kennel or vet practice to sleep, our collection of dog crate beds is perfect!

We’ve designed our dog crate beds to fit snuggly into your dog’s crate, providing them with a soft, comfortable surface to lay on rather than the plastic or metal bottom of their box. Giving your pet somewhere supportive to lay on while they sleep is really important for their overall health, and our beds are manufactured to give them just that.

Vet Bedding for Crates & Whelping Boxes

Our vet bedding is the perfect addition to your dog's crate to create a warm and safe environment to rest. They’re equally loved by vets, kennels, breeders and home pet owners for laying down in a dog crate.

These are available in our 4 signature vet bedding styles:

All of these crate beds can be purchased in precut sizes, ranging from 51x51cm up to 150x100cm, or as rolls for larger orders. They’re very easy to cut to size at home with a sharp knife, so you can shape the bed to fit your pet’s crate perfectly.

The fabrics we’ve used to create these beds have great heat retention, keeping your pup warm throughout the year. They also have moisture-wicking properties, so the bed won’t become saturated with moisture from any accidents or spills.

Our range of beds is designed to be very easily machine washable at 30°C, so you can maintain a clean environment for your pet.

Find Your Ideal Dog Crate Bed at Bronte Glen

Take your pick from our range of premium dog crate beds today!

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Our filled dog crate beds – or our box beds – are crafted using ballistic nylon for the outer cover, which is a highly durable, tough and waterproof material, and balled polyester fibre inserts to provide the padding.

Yes, our dog crate beds are designed to be easy to clean. They can be machine-washed to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Many of our crate beds can also be tumble-dried to make the process even easier.

Absolutely! Whether you're a home pet owner, a kennel owner, a breeder, or a vet, our dog crate bedding is designed to meet your needs. All our beds are made with the finest materials to ensure durability and comfort for your four-legged friend.

Measure the floor space inside your dog’s crate, and then measure your dog (nose to tail, shoulder to floor). Once you have these measurements, consult our dog bed size chart to find the best fit. Our vet beds can be cut to size at home, so you can cut the bed to the size of your dog’s crate.