Dog Bed Covers

Shop our collection of dog bed covers available for all of our signature Cosy dog beds and mattresses. We manufacture our spare outer covers using the same premium materials and iconic craftsmanship as the original beds. After all, only the best will do for your pup!

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Replacement Dog Bed Covers for Your Pup's Bed

Our replacement dog bed covers are perfect if you need to replace the original cover of your dog’s bed or mattress or simply want a spare for wash days.

We sell dog bed covers for all of our Cosy range and dog mattresses to fit their respective beds. The covers are available in a wide range of sizes* (small, medium, large and giant, as well as cosy plus S/M and M/G for our Cosy collection) and lots of colour options, like natural wool and classic tartan.

Premium Materials for Premium Sleep

Our replacement covers have the same signature high-quality materials as our original dog beds, providing vet, owner, and dog with approved comfort and support.

We've crafted our Senior Gold dog bed covers using a special blend of wool and polyester impregnated with antibacterial fibres for a truly luxurious sleeping experience. They offer an incredibly plush surface for your dog to snooze on, which is also hygienic.

Our waterproof dog bed covers are ideal for messy dogs and pups with a tendency to chew or scratch. We use ballistic nylon to create the covers – designed to be strong, durable and resistant to damage – just read our reviews!

The outer covers for our Country Classic Tweed Dog Beds are crafted using 100% Shetland wool tweed, offering a premium upholstery-grade finish. Take your pick from plenty of country classic tartan colours and prints to match your home.

For natural luxury, our Merino wool dog bed covers are made using the finest 100% Merino wool. Not only does this offer breathable comfort, but it also helps keep your pup cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus, this fabric is naturally anti-bacterial – perfect for keeping those pet odours at bay!

Zip-Off Covers for Quick Cleaning

We've created our Cosy dog beds and mattresses with zip-off covers, which you can easily remove and wash to keep your dog's bed fresh.

Simply unzip the cover (and undo the velcro for our Cosy beds), throw it into your washing machine at the correct temperature and use our Nikwax Wash to ensure the material keeps its quality. Leave the cover out to dry and pop it back on the dog bed when it's ready to go.

Having a replacement cover means your dog can still use their bed while one cover is being washed and dried, ensuring your pup always has a comfortable spot to rest.

Grab your replacement dog bed covers from Bronte Glen today and give your pup the ultimate comfort they deserve!

*Bespoke sizes are available upon request. Please contact our sales team for more info.


Our dog bed covers are made to fit all of our Cosy dog bed and dog bed mattresses, as well as beds of the same or similar size. We make these covers using the same fabrics as the original bed for the same incredible quality

All types of our dog bed covers can be washed in a domestic washing machine on a cool wash, and our wool bed covers on a wool wash. Make sure to use a pet-safe detergent (like our Nikwax washes) to maintain the quality of the material, and always follow our recommended care instructions.

Due to the properties and nature of the materials we use to craft our dog bed covers, you don't need to wash them regularly. Spot cleaning the covers when they become dirty, and only put on a full wash in the washing machine when necessary. This will help maintain their quality and longevity.

Our dog bed covers are made using a zip-off design, so you can simply unzip the cover to remove the inserts. The dog bed will retain its shape, so it's a quick and easy job when you’re ready to pop the cover back on again. Our Cosy dog beds will need to be detached using the velcro fastenings before you can remove the cover.