Dog Beds

Our dog bedding has been crafted with your dog at the heart of every step of the process – from the initial design to creating the final piece. The collection includes our signature Cosy dog beds, mattress dog beds and foldable dog beds, amongst other clever designs. These beds are available in sizes for all breeds, ranging from small to giant, so you can find the perfect fit for your pup. 

Find the best dog bedding for your pet at Bronte Glen today!

Active Non-slip Vet Bedding

Non-slip vet bedding from Bronte Glen is perfect for use on slippy surfaces where a regular dog bed just won't do. Using amazing quality 100% polyester pile fabric and an 'active' non-slip backing formula, this bedding is designed to provide maximum comfort and security for your pup, allowing them to sleep soundly without the bed sliding around.

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Traditional Vet Bedding

Shop our range of high-quality vet bedding made in our UK factory. Our puppy soft traditional vet bedding is perfect for whelping and as an everyday bed, making it the ideal all-around solution trusted by vets, kennels and dog owners worldwide.

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Senior Gold 7+ Pet Products

Our best-selling Senior Gold vet bedding is perfect for dogs over 7+ years who need a little extra support. Our range includes our cosy pet bed range as well as non-slip vet bedding, giving you a great choice for your senior dog. The vet bedding is not only comfortable and cosy, but also washable, making them practical and easy to care for.

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Super Gold Vet Bedding

Super Gold vet bed is the professional's choice, recommended and used by vets throughout Europe. It's the perfect bed for pets with skin or allergy problems and has a luxuriously thick pile to keep animals warm and cosy.

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Bronte Ranger Throw

Our Bronte Ranger Fleece Throw makes the perfect blanket for your pet to snuggle down day and night. Give your pup the comfort they deserve with a cosy and super soft dog throw made from luxury fleece.

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Dog Mattresses

Shop our range of dog mattress beds in 4 sizes and 6 colours and give your pet the snooze of their dreams! Our mattress beds are extremely tough and waterproof on the outside, with soft, premium filling on the inside, providing the perfect place for your pup to rest their paws.

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Trojan Waterproof Dog Beds

Bronte Glen Trojan waterproof dog beds are extremely durable, long-lasting and made from the same fabric used to make bullet and stab-proof vests. Buy online today and get free UK mainland delivery.

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Wool Dog Beds

Bronte Glen's classic tweed dog beds have been specially developed with your dog's comfort at heart – because we know that only the very best will do for your beloved pets! We have a range of sizes, shapes and colours to suit your pup perfectly and provide them with the most cosy (and stylish!) bed possible.

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Vet Bedding Rolls

Our tried and trusted vet bed rolls are vet approved, and crafted using premium and carefully sourced fabrics for a truly soft and safe sleeping surface for pets. The ideal bedding option for use in veterinary clinics, kennels and catteries, and at home for pet owners.

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Dog Bed Covers

Shop our collection of dog bed covers available for all of our signature Cosy dog beds and mattresses. We manufacture our spare outer covers using the same premium materials and iconic craftsmanship as the original beds. After all, only the best will do for your pup!

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Spare Parts & Care Products

Does your dog's bed need a little TLC? We have a range of dog bed washes, replacement mattresses, and inner cushions to help you care for and maintain your pup's sleeping space. Keep their bed clean and refreshed so it stays comfortable for your canine companion.

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Dog Beds for All Breeds & Sizes

Our extensive range of dog beds is perfect for even the fussiest dogs. All our pet beds are made in the UK with the highest quality materials to give your furry friend the rest and relaxation they deserve.

No matter what size or age your dog is, we've got the ideal supportive beds to help them sleep in a safe and comfortable environment. From wool dog beds to dog mattresses and foldable beds, there's a dog bed for every pooch.

Cosy Dog Beds

Our cosy dog beds are designed to give your furry friend the ideal place to curl up for a snooze. Available in 4 different styles, the beds in this collection come with zip and velcro covers, allowing for easy cleaning – simply remove the covers and wash in your domestic washing machine following our cleaning instructions.

We recommend our Trojan Cosy Bed for dogs who love getting muddy in the great outdoors. Made from waterproof, ballistic nylon used in Army and Police standard-issue stabproof vests, this bed is made to last.

For more pampered pooches, our Merino Wool Cosy Bed provides all the comfort and luxury they need. Made from 100% Merino wool pile fabric, you can be sure your pet is getting a comfortable, warm rest.

Our Tweed Wool Cosy Beds are crafted from a tweed wool outer cover, which comes in a variety of tartan colourways.

Finally, our Senior Gold 7+ Cosy Beds are the ideal choice for your ageing pooch. Although dogs of any age can use these beds, we’ve designed them to offer the support and comfort needed to protect your elderly dog's joints while they rest.

With fully washable cushion inserts filled with our top-quality balled polyester, you can be confident you’re providing long-lasting support for your pet without clumping or sagging.

Mattress Dog Beds

For dogs who like to spread out a bit, we recommend our extensive range of mattress dog beds. These beds give your pooch the freedom to move around as they please while they snooze.

This style of dog bed is available in our Trojan style, perfect for outdoor dogs, the Merino wool style for your pampered pup, the Senior Gold 7+ for ageing dogs, and the Tweed Wool style for pooches with style.

We also offer a Fold Away Bed in a mattress style and Box Beds made with our durable Trojan material. These are ideal for travelling with your pooch or if you’re tight on space with an active, excitable dog that needs bedding to withstand playtime and nap time.

Vet Bedding

As well as traditional style dog beds, we sell vet bedding, which is perfect for use at in kennels and veterinary practices. Bronte Glen vet bedding comes in four different types and numerous styles and prints to suit your preference:

One of our most popular products with pet professionals is our Super Gold vet bedding. This bedding is loved by vets, kennels, and breeders throughout Europe and for good reason. The antibacterial fibres help to stop the development of bacteria and fungi, keeping things hygienic for your pooch. It also makes ideal dog crate bedding.

Bronte Ranger Throw

The Bronte Ranger Throw is another popular choice among our customers. Not only is it made from heavy-duty fabric, but it also features a waterproof backing that provides additional protection to your furniture, car, or kennel.

Available in four sizes and colours, your dog will love curling up on their throw (and it’s really easy to wash, too!).

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Here at Bronte Glen, we're proud to be manufacturers of high-quality dog beds and vet bedding for kennels, breeders, vets, and home pet owners around the country.

Shop our extensive range of dog bedding today and treat your furry friend to a good quality bed that provides all the support and security they need.

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At Bronte Glen, we offer a wide selection of dog beds, including memory foam beds, wool beds, waterproof dog beds, vet beds, and Bronte Ranger Throws. You can explore our range and find the perfect dog bed for your furry friend, regardless of their shape, size, or age.

Yes, all of our dog beds and vet bedding can be washed in a domestic washing machine. Our Cosy dog beds and dog bed mattresses feature removable, machine-washable covers and inserts for easy cleaning. Our vet bedding can be washed as is. Always follow correct washing instructions based on your dog’s type of bed.

We use a range of materials to make our dog beds at our working mill in Keighley, West Yorkshire. To make our beds supportive and comfortable, we use inserts filled with balled polyester as standard, which retains their shape well. For the outer covers, we use a variety of ballistic nylon, Merino wool, Shetland wool, polyester and faux suede. 

Specific dog bed materials can be found on their respective product pages.

Our Bronte Ranger Throw can be used to protect the interior of your vehicle or your furniture at home. They can also create a cosy space for your pups to snuggle up. It has the added benefit of waterproof backing, which provides additional protection to your soft furnishings.

Yes, we offer free UK delivery on orders over £35. Explore our extensive range of dog bedding and treat your furry friend to a quality bed today!