Flat Dog Beds

Discover our selection of high-quality flat dog beds available in our signature styles and crafted from our premium materials. You’ll find everything from our dog mattress beds for home pet owners to industry-approved vet bedding ideal for kennels and veterinary practices. Shop our range to find the perfect bed for your pet today.

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The Best Flat Pet Beds for Your Furry Friend

Whether you aim to create a secure haven for the dogs in your kennel or veterinary practice or need a cosy sleeping spot for your canine companion, our flat dog beds are the perfect solution.

Our range includes our seriously comfy dog mattress beds and signature vet bedding, all of which have the seal of approval from pet owners, carers, and – more importantly – the dogs! We have flat dog beds that cater to all breeds, sizes and ages, including extra-large pups and elderly pooches.

Providing your pet with a supportive surface to sleep on is crucial for their overall well-being, and our beds are precisely manufactured in our Yorkshire working mill to meet that need.

Luxurious Mattress Dog Beds

A mattress dog bed from our collection offers your furry companion the ultimate comfort and support needed for a good night's sleep or a quick nap during the day. These beds are available in our:

  • Merino Wool – Outer cover: 100% Merino wool. Bed inserts: polyester balled fibre (wool filling upgrade available)
  • Country Classic Tweed – Outer cover: 100% Shetland wool tweed. Bed inserts: polyester balled fibre
  • Senior Gold 7+ – Outer cover: Blend of antibacterial wool (30%) and polyester fibres. Bed inserts: polyester balled fibre
  • Trojan Waterproof – Outer cover: Ballistic nylon. Bed inserts: polyester balled fibre

All our dog bed mattresses are available in sizes ranging from small (50x70cm) to giant (100x150cm), with bespoke options also on offer. We know every pup is unique, so we’ve made sure there’s a bed to suit them!

Premium Vet Bedding for Kennels, Vets, Crates & Home

In addition to our filled flat dog beds, we have vet bedding that’s excellent for use in veterinary practices, kennels, laying in crates, travelling and using on hard floors in the home. Essentially, anywhere you could need to place a dog bed, our flat vet beds are the solution!

Our range includes:

  • Non-Slip Vet Bedding – 100% polyester 28mm pile with ‘active’ non-slip woven backing. The best option for travelling and hard floor surfaces.
  • Traditional Vet Bedding – 100% polyester 28mm pile with traditional woven backing. Ideal for use in dog crates and enclosed spaces.
  • Super Gold Vet Bedding – 30mm pile of polyester impregnated with antibacterial fibres. The go-to choice for vets across the UK & Europe.
  • Senior Gold 7+ – 28mm pile of antibacterial wool (30%) and polyester. Perfect for older dogs and dogs that need additional support.

These flat dog beds are available in pre-cut sizes from 51x51cm to 150x100cm or bedding roll options for larger bed quantities.

Shop our range of flat dog beds today to give your pooch the best sleep around!

Please contact our sales team if you’d like to request a bespoke size or shape bed or have questions about bulk orders.


Flat beds can be better for older dogs or dogs with joint issues, as they are easy to access and provide support across their bodies. They also offer more open space for dogs who prefer stretching out whilst sleeping, contributing to a comfortable, satisfying rest.

It depends on the location where you will place the bed. Our dog bed mattresses are best suited for use in the home and provide more cushioning since they are filled. 

On the other hand, our vet bedding is suited to a range of applications, including in the car, on hard surfaces, in crates and within veterinary practices. Our flat vet beds are also better for elderly dogs or those with limited mobility, as they don’t have to climb onto an elevated bed.


No, we advise against it. If dogs repeatedly sleep on hard floors or surfaces, it can lead to poor health, like stiff joints. Certain dog breeds, like French Bulldogs, can even be more susceptible to these injuries. Providing them with a soft surface to sleep on will help protect their limbs as they develop and as they get older.