Fillings & Neps

We sell an array of craft stuffing and fibres that are perfect for a whole range of crafting projects. From cushion filling and soft toy stuffing to spinning and dyeing wool, you’ll find everything here at Bronte Glen.

Polyester Fillings

Polyester fillings ideal for many different craft uses from filling bears, soft toys to pillows & duvets or bringing that old sofa back to life.

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Wool fillings

Discover our range of wool filling for soft toys, cushions, pillows and a range of other craft projects. Perfect for replacing old cushion filling, new craft projects, and filling dog beds. Much of our wool filling is manufactured in our West Yorkshire working mill using UK-sourced materials, ensuring the highest quality products with an unmatched level of comfort.

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Tweed & Neps

Acrylic tweed tops for spinning on a commercial basis, supplied world wide.

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Fancy Wool Tops - Spinning Felting Knitting

Natural Wool Tops, dyed wool tops, blended wool tops, bulk wool tops for extreme knitting.

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Wool Tweed Slivers for Spinning

Wool Tweed effect Tweedose Slivers for spinning tweed effect sliver for yarn.

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Craft Stuffing Made from Premium Fibres

Bronte Glen's craft stuffings and spinning fibres are the best choice for your fancy fibre requirements. Our collection includes specially-made polyester ball fibres, wool fillings, tops, slivers, and more.

Everything in our range is carefully sourced and processed at our working mill in Keighley, West Yorkshire, maintaining our top standards throughout. We take time to ensure everything we produce is of the highest quality, so you can be sure that your textile projects will look incredible.

Wool Filling

Our wool filling is entirely UK-sourced and provides a luxurious feel to any project. We have a range of weights available, depending on whether you are tying knots, stuffing pillows or dog beds, or making felt.

We can supply these fillings both commercially and domestically worldwide, with pallet and part-load options available for bulk orders. Contact us for more information and prices.

Polyester Filling

We have a range of polyester fillings perfect for stuffing toys, cushions and a number of other crafting jobs.

Our collection includes our popular balled polyester fibre, as well as super soft carded filling and raw polyester staple fibre straight from the bale.

Other Fibres for Crafting

We also stock a selection of other fancy fibres, including viscose, silk and wool neps, tweed slivers, and wool tops – all perfect for creating a truly unique and beautiful craft project. Whether spinning, needle felting, or making any other textile item, we have the best fibres available.

For special requirements or bulk orders, please email for prices & production time. Order online today.


There are lots of good choices for stuffing toys, and the best filling will depend on the overall look and feel that you want to achieve. Polyester fibre will produce a soft and lightweight toy with good shape retention, and wool fillings will produce a more eco-friendly option, with a natural look and feel.

Craft stuffing can be made from various fibres, but the most popular choices are polyester and wool products.

Polyester is often the more popular choice for craft stuffing, as it's lightweight and durable, while wool is a more eco-friendly filling that’s more naturall. Both materials are excellent choices depending on what kind of effect you're trying to achieve with your project.

Yes, we offer bulk orders and shipping price discounts to our customers across all of our products, not just our fibres and fillings. You can create a trade account here, or get in touch with our sales team to discuss your order requirements.