Polyester Balled Fibre Filling
Polyester Balled Fibre Filling

Polyester Balled Fibre Filling

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Polyester Balled Fibre Filling

Our new generation balled polyester fibre filling makes an excellent filling for pillows, cushions, teddies, dog beds and a range of craft projects.

The polyester stuffing is processed in our factory in West Yorkshire, upholding our commitment to produce high-grade and fine-quality products.

It also complies with British Fire Safety Regulations, so you can trust our fibre fillings are completely safe for use in the home.

We use this polyester fibre filling to stuff all of our pet bedding and pillow ranges, and it is supplied throughout the UK for use in sofas. It is the perfect amount of padding and bounce for comfortable seating and is suitable for various crafts, like toy stuffing.

  • Polyester fibre filling processed in the UK
  • Ideal for filling soft toys, cushions, pillows, bedding, dog beds and other craft projects
  • Machine-washable at 60ºC
  • Fibres comply with British Fire Safety Regulations

Bulk order options and discounts are available, from a single pallet to a 40-foot container. 1,000kg lots will be delivered in 40 bulk bags with an average weight of 25kg per bag.

Delivery timescale is between 3 to 5 working days. For exact lead time or mixed loads, please call our office or email trade@bonteglen.co.uk

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