High Sided Dog Beds

At Bronte Glen, we provide a variety of premium, high-sided dog beds to give your pooch extra comfort while they snooze. Choose from our luxurious wool, tough waterproof, and warm polyester beds filled with our signature polyester cluster ball fibre inserts – all manufactured in our West Yorkshire working mill!

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Luxury Dog Beds With High Sides

We craft and supply a fantastic range of dog beds with high sides to help keep your dogs cosy and secure while they sleep. They’re perfect for pups that like to prop their head up when they doze off or like a protective cocoon feeling.

These beds are available in four of our dog bed styles: Merino Wool. Country Classic, Trojan and Senior Gold – meticulously crafted in our West Yorkshire working mill using only the best fabrics and materials. We have options to suit every breed, size and age of dog, ensuring a night of soundless sleep or an afternoon of peaceful napping.

Premium Polyester & Warm Wool High-Sided Dog Beds

Our range of Merino, tweed wool, and Senior Gold dog beds are crafted using a variety of luxury wools, providing the softest sleep surface around.

The Country Classic Tweed Wool Cosy Beds are loved by home pet owners for their combination of style and practicality. The 100% Shetland wool tweed outer cover and polyester ball fibre inserts provide top-level comfort for your dog. Choose from our stylish tartan colours and patterns to suit your home décor, including our popular Spey and Grey colourways.

For an even more luxurious option, our Merino Wool Cosy Dog Beds are a true favourite with pampered pups. The 100% Merino wool outer cover provides a naturally warm and hypoallergenic sleeping surface, filled with our superior balled polyester inserts. This bed is the ultimate dog bed choice for pups who like to be spoilt!

Our highly sought-after Senior Gold 7+ high-sided dog beds are particularly beneficial for older dogs who need additional support and pooches who enjoy snuggling. Crafted with our signature blend of antibacterial wool and polyester fibres, they’re naturally hypoallergenic and breathable with lots of comfort.

Tough, Waterproof High-Sided Dog Beds

Our waterproof high-sided beds are the perfect choice for active dogs who love exploring and working dogs that often get dirty. After their adventures, these dogs can find comfort and security in their bed.

The Trojan Cosy Waterproof dog beds feature our classic high-sided design constructed from ballistic nylon used in police-issued stab-proof vests. Inside, you’ll find the same polyester ball fibre inserts used in the rest of our tried, tested and loved beds.

Take your pick from our range of high-sided dog beds to upgrade your pet’s sleeping space today!

Please get in touch if you’d like to request a bespoke size or shape high-sided dog bed.


Cleaning and maintaining a high-sided dog bed is quite straightforward. You can easily vacuum off any loose debris or hair. For a more thorough clean, our cover materials can be machine-washed at a low temperature and air-dried. Always check the specific washing instructions for your bed to ensure its longevity.


Our high-sided dog beds come in sizes ranging from small to cosy plus medium/giant. Sizes are as follows:


  • Small: 56cm x 56cm

  • Medium: 72cm x 72cm

  • Large: 86cm x 86cm

  • Giant: 100cm x 100cm


  • S/M: 56cm x 72cm

  • M/G: 72cm x 100cm

Many dogs prefer beds with high sides as it mimics their natural denning instinct. The raised edges provide a sense of protection and security, making them feel safe and comfortable. The high sides also provide additional support and can help to keep them warm by shielding them from drafts.


First, consider the material of bed that’ll best suit your dog. For the most warmth and breathability, our wool dog beds are ideal (Merino and Country Classic). Our Super Gold 7+ high-sided beds are most suitable for elderly dogs or those who need extra joint support. Our Trojan waterproof beds are excellent for working dogs or active dogs. 

Also consider your home’s interior – we have a fantastic choice of colours and patterns available to suit every taste. 

Then, you’ll need to choose the best size – our dog bed size chart will help you here.