Cosy Dog Beds

We have a fantastic variety of Cosy dog beds perfect for pooches who need more comfort from their everyday bed. Our range includes Cosy beds from our Trojan, Merino Wool, Country Classic and Senior Gold collections, made with our signature, pet-approved fabrics.

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Cosy Dog Beds Manufactured in the UK

Our Cosy dog beds are the ultimate choice for dogs that like to snuggle down for their snooze. We’ve designed these beds with raised sides and a plush mattress surface, providing a cocoon-like feeling for pups.

Whether your dog enjoys having something to lean against as they sleep or they love to burrow into their bed, we have the perfect option for them.

Choosing the Best Cosy Dog Bed for Your Dog

Our Cosy dog bed collection comes in our four signature styles – Merino Wool, Country Classic, Senior Gold and Trojan – with sizes available for all breeds, including our standard Cosy sizing and larger Cosy+ sizes.

  • Trojan Cosy Waterproof Cosy Beds – The outer cover is crafted from ballistic nylon, a material used by the police and army for combat vests. It’s exceptionally durable and can withstand tough chewing.
  • Merino Wool Cosy Beds – The outer cover is made with 100% Merino wool with a faux suede backing. Naturally hypoallergenic and breathable.
  • Country Classic Tweed Cosy Beds – The outer cover is made from 100% Shetland wool. Specially developed for pampered pets and stylish homes.
  • Senior Gold 7+ Cosy Beds – Outer cover is crafted using a blend of antibacterial wool and premium polyester. These are the best choice for elderly dogs or pets that need additional care and support. They’re also great at retaining heat.

We fill these beds with inserts stuffed with our classic balled polyester fibre, which is well-resistant to clumping and helps the bed maintain its shape over time. The filling provides an excellent level of support for your dog, looking after their joints and promoting the best sleep possible!

Fully Washable & Removable Cosy Bed Covers

We’ve also developed our Cosy dog beds with easy-to-remove covers using a zip and velcro-off design. The entire bed is washable – from the covers to the bed inserts – making for convenient cleaning when your pup’s bed get a bit too messy.

Always follow correct and recommended washing instructions before cleaning your pet’s bed to ensure quality is maintained.

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Cosy and Cosy+ refer to the sizes of our Cosy dog beds. Our standard sizes range from 56x56cm to 100x100cm. Our Cosy+ dogs beds are rectangular shaped as opposed to the original square. They’re available in 2 sizes: Cosy+ medium (56x72cm) and Cosy+ extra large (72x100cm).

The outer cover materials, filling and zip-off designs remain the same.


Yes, we do! At Bronte Glen, our Cosy dog beds are available in multiple sizes suitable for all dogs, from the smallest to the largest breeds. Our Cosy dog bed sizes are as follows: 


  • Small – 56cm x 56cm

  • Medium – 72cm x 72cm

  • Large – 86cm x 86cm

  • Giant – 100cm x 100cm


  • Medium – 56cm x 72cm

  • Extra large – 72cm x 100cm

We can also make bespoke size and shape beds should you require something specific for your pup.

Both our Cosy and mattress dog beds are equally loved by pet owners and their furry friends. Our Cosy dog beds are brilliant for dogs that like to lean their head or paws up against a raised edge when they sleep or for those that like to curl and snuggle. Our mattress dog beds are great for dogs that tend to sprawl or stretch out. 

Our Cosy beds and dog mattresses are available across the same four collections (Merino Wool, Country Classic, Senior Gold & Trojan), so you can expect consistent top quality across our designs.

The Senior Gold 7+ Cosy Beds are ideal for senior dogs due to their heavyweight pile fabric, which provides superior comfort and warmth. Additionally, they contain a blend of antibacterial fibres, wool, and polyester, ensuring a snug and hygienic environment. These beds also feature machine-washable covers and durable, long-lasting polyester cluster ball fibre cushions, providing the ultimate support for older dogs.