Shop Wholesale Vet Bedding at Bronte Glen (Used & Recommended By Professionals) 02 Jun 2023

Shop Wholesale Vet Bedding at Bronte Glen (Used & Recommended By Professionals)

At Bronte Glen, we manufacture and supply an excellent selection of wholesale vet bedding for commercial use. We're trusted by so many pet owners and veterinary professionals for providing superior quality pet bedding that is both comfortable and practical.

We know all too well the importance of providing your furry friends with a safe and comfortable place to rest, especially those that need a little extra love to support them through their medical treatments.

Our wholesale vet bedding can be supplied in single orders, part loads, pallets and full containers, ready to ship to the UK or worldwide. For distributors and wholesalers, we have the option for you to set up a trade account so you can benefit from exclusive trade discount prices.

To find out more about the wholesale vet bed options available, read below!

Our Wholesale Vet Bedding Products

We have 4 different wholesale vet bed styles available – Traditional, Non-Slip, Super Gold and Senior Gold. Each type comes in various sizes and colours, allowing you to find the perfect option for your pet.

Let's take a closer look at each of our wholesale vet bedding options:

Bronte Glen Vet Bedding

Senior Gold 7+ 

For elderly pups who need a little more comfort to support their joint health, the Senior Gold 7+ is our most supportive and luxurious pet bed.

We have 2 options of Senior Gold – a non-slip vet bed and a cosy pet bed. Both are made using 30% British wool and an antibacterial polyester pile formula that provides a great layer of warmth and insulation.

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Super Gold Vet Bedding 

Our Super Gold vet bedding is ideal for pets who suffer from allergies or skin problems. This veterinary bedding is recommended and used by vets throughout Europe thanks to its Permafresh Fibre, which stops the breakdown of bacteria and fungi, making for a cleaner, more hygienic bed.

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Active Non-Slip Vet Bedding

Non-slip vet bedding is great for laying down on hard floors, caravans, cars, crates and other surfaces where there's a risk of the bed slipping and sliding. The beds are designed with an 'active' non-slip backing that's double-woven to make it more difficult for dogs to chew through.

The 100% polyester pile fabric is 28mm thick, providing a great level of cushioning and comfort.

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Traditional Vet Bedding 

Our Traditional vet beds are the go-to choice for kennels, catteries and veterinary clinics. They're suitable for both young and old pets and provide a great level of comfort thanks to the 28mm polyester pile.

There's no non-slip backing on these beds, though, so avoid putting them on slippery surfaces, or opt for our non-slip beds instead.

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Traditional Vet Beds

Patterened Vet Bedding

Our vet beds are available in various colours and patterns that are perfect for adding a fun and stylish touch to your pet's bed. From classic country colours to vibrant designs, there's a fantastic selection to choose from.

Our collection of Non-Slip Vet Bedding comes in an array of patterns, like paw prints, plaid, and even Christmas-inspired themes! The rest of our wholesale vet beds are available in numerous solid colours, including black, royal blue, red, green and brown.

Our vets and pet owners love the colourful selection of beds we have available – they make for a great addition to any pet's bedding set!

Patterned Vet Bedding

Wholesale Vet Bedding on the Roll

For kennels, catteries or veterinary establishments that need a large amount of bedding in one go, our wholesale vet bedding is available to purchase on the roll.

Many of our customers find this a great option if they need to lay down multiple beds, for example, in a boarding kennel or vet clinics for pre and post-operation cages. Our rolls give you the ability to cut the bedding to the exact size and shape you need to fit inside any space.

We have many pre-made roll sizes, from 3m by 75 cm up to 10m by 150cm, so you can find the amount and size that best suits your needs.

Wholesale Vet Bedding

Vet Bedding by the Square Metre

As well as being able to purchase bedding rolls, we also supply wholesale vet bedding by the square metre. This is a great option if you're after a specific size for your pet's bed.

Our vet beds come in various pre-cut sizes, from as small as 51x51cm to as large as 100x150cm, so you'll always be able to find exactly what you need depending on your requirements.

For our cosy Senior Gold 7+ range, we have 6 sizes available, starting at Cosy Small (56x56cm) up to our largest standard size of Cosy Plus (72x100cm).

Vet Bedding Roll

Bespoke Orders & Requirements

If you require more specific sizes or shapes for your wholesale vet bedding, we can help there, too! We manufacture our wholesale vet beds at our working mill in West Yorkshire, so we have the ability to create bespoke orders to meet any specific requirements you have.

We often supply bespoke orders for veterinary clinics, animal centres and kennels that need to lay beds down in the exact shapes and sizes of their cages and enclosures. That way, your pet's bedding is neat, tidy and provides maximum comfort.

To request a bespoke wholesale order, you can get in touch with us by:

Telephone: 01535 662359
Send us a message:

Let us know which type of vet bedding you're after, with the colour and size, and we'll take care of the rest.

Summary: Wholesale Vet Bedding Used by Professionals

At Bronte Glen, we offer a wide selection of quality wholesale veterinary bedding for sale that's used and recommended by professional vets across Europe and the globe. For dog and cat clinics and kennels, we have a range of options available, from traditional vet beds to non-slip and super gold styles.

Choose from our standard, pre-cut sizes or get in touch to create bespoke orders that fit the exact shape and size of the area you need. Our wholesale vet beds offer a great level of comfort and cushioning for your pet, helping to nurse them back to health and give them a great sleep.

Shop wholesale vet bedding now at Bronte Glen!


We've answered some of our most asked questions about our wholesale vet bedding and the process of ordering. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, then feel free to get in touch with the team.

What Are Your Delivery Charges for Wholesale Vet Bedding Orders?

Our delivery charges for mainland UK wholesale orders start from as little as £6.70 (+VAT). For larger orders, rolls or pallets & all export orders, please contact our office for up-to-date prices based on your exact order.

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What is Your Returns Policy for Trade Orders?

You may return or exchange products within 28 days of the purchase date, as long as the product is in its original packaging and in a saleable condition. If the product is faulty, please phone our office to discuss the claim.

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Where is Your Vet Bedding Made?

Our vet bedding is made at our working mill in Keighley, West Yorkshire. We use quality textile products, including wool and polyester, to create durable, long-lasting beds that are comfortable for your pet. Some of the materials we use are sourced from other premium UK manufacturers, maintaining the highest level of quality throughout