Super Gold - Antibacterial Vet Bedding White

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Super Gold is made even thicker pile than the Traditional Vet Bedding.  The polyester is impregnated with Antibacterial Fibres which stops the breakdown of bacteria and fungi and in turn starves the dust mite which therefore can’t live on or in the bed. The Antibacterial Fibres cannot be washed out and will continue to give protection throughout the bed’s life (upto 1000 washes).

  • Luxuriously thick pile – to keep animals warm and cosy
  • Inhibits dust mites – ideal bedding for any pet that suffers from skin problems or allergies Don’t wait for skin problems – avoid them!
  • Continual use will help prevent re-occurrence of skin problems
  • The only pet bedding that combats house dust mites
  • Machine washable
  • Stays cleaner for longer

Made in England

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