Eco Lush Wool filling
Eco Lush Wool filling

Eco Lush Wool filling

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Eco wool is our most environmentally friendly wool yet, made using a by-product of the textile process it not only helps reduce wool waste, but it also has the same high end quality finish that Bronte Glen are known for. 

The 100% English wool offers unmatched quality, making it the best choice for a variety of crafting and upholstery projects at scale. 

  • Ideal filling for bears, dolls, cushions etc. 

  • Supplied in various kg weights 

  • Available in bulk purchases 


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✔ Premium Carded Wool creating a lovely soft finish 

As with all our wool slivers, this bundle of natural fibres is sourced from English sheep and carefully processed into airy, soft webs, ready for a variety of crafting projects. 

It has premium needle felting qualities and spins into smooth, even yarn, allowing you to create incredible products for your customers. 

Use it to craft intricate needle-felted designs, create chunky yarn for cosy blankets and sweaters, or stuff toys for an irresistibly cuddly touch. 

The wool can also be dyed easily to achieve a range of vibrant colours, making it a versatile choice for all your crafting needs. 

  • Ideal for needle-felted crafts 

  • Spins into smooth yarn 

  • Easily dyed for versatile projects 


✔ Washable & Hypoallergenic 

Our wool can be washed on a delicate wool wash. The fibre is also hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, ideal for making products for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

✔Eco Wool Carded into Loose Webs Weight Options 

Our Eco Wool Carded into Loose Webs is available in five weight variations. If you would like a bespoke order size, please contact our team. 


Eco Wool Carded into Loose Webs kg 

Number of Bags 


1 x 1kg 


1 x 5kg 


1 x 10kg 


10 x 25kg 


20 x 50kg 


✔ Delivery & Returns 

Trade Orders 

Delivery for trade orders starts at £6.70 (excl. VAT) for the UK mainland. Bulk orders, rolls, or pallet orders are also available. Export orders can contact our office for up-to-date delivery prices. 

Standard Orders 

FREE UK delivery when you spend over £35. Standard delivery is available from £3.95 and typically takes 3 to 5 working days for UK mainland addresses. 

For same-day dispatch, please ensure you place your order before 12pm on weekdays. 

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