Luxury Dog Beds for Labradors & Large Breeds 01 Sep 2023

Luxury Dog Beds for Labradors & Large Breeds

Being the owner of a large dog breed involves some extra consideration, including finding a bed that fits all their sprawling limbs! Bronte Glen's dog beds for Labradors and other large dogs are approved by owners of such breeds for being supportive and luxurious.

We have a great choice of large dog beds available to suit big dogs so they can rest and relax in comfort. There are multiple standard sizes to choose from, as well as bespoke options for even the largest of breeds, in lots of styles, colours and materials.

Bronte Glen's Luxury Dog Beds for Labradors & Large Dogs

Our pet bed range is split into 2 collections: our vet bedding range and our dog bed range. Both come in various large sizes with lots of colours and styles to choose from.

Bronte Glen best vet bedding range

Vet Bedding for Large Dogs

Our vet bedding range includes:

These are flat beds made with 28mm or 30mm pile polyester fibres (Traditional and Non-Slip) and antibacterial fibres (Super Gold) or a polyester and wool blend (Senior Gold) and feature a woven backing.

They're great for use at home, in vehicles for travelling, crates and within pet care facilities, such as vets and kennels.

dog beds and mattress range

Large Dog Beds & Dog Bed Mattresses

Our dog bedding is also available in our Cosy/Cosy + and dog bed mattress range and is available in the following collections:

Our Cosy Dog Beds come with a filled mattress and raised-edged shell that's attached by velcro, and our dog mattresses are rectangular-shaped. Both beds come with a removable, machine-washable outer cover, making them easy to clean and maintain. 

The outer covers are made from either Merino wool, Shetland tweed, ballistic nylon (Trojan) or a special polyester and wool blend (Senior Gold).

The beds are then filled with inserts stuffed with our balled polyester fibre filling, which creates the perfect surface for a good night's sleep.

dog bed fibre filling

What Size Dog Bed Do I Need for a Labrador?

Choosing the right dog bed size isn't a one-size-fits-all-breeds type of thing. Your adult Labrador could be much smaller than your friend's; therefore, they'll require different bed sizes.

Generally, though, you'll look at a medium or large/extra large bed for this breed (assuming your pet is fully grown). But you don't want to simply guess; otherwise, you could end up with a bed that's too small or too big.

You'll need to measure your dog first, which doesn't take much time at all. Grab a tape measure and measure from the top of their shoulder to the bottom of their paw on the floor for the bed width, and from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail for the length.

You should give some leeway for the measurements and take into consideration their sleeping style. 

If your dog sleeps stretched out, then you'll want to opt for a slightly bigger bed size to accommodate this. On the other end of the scale, if your pup likes to curl up, then a regular-sized bed will be fine.

Labrador asleep

Our Dog Bed Size Chart

You can see the full list of our dog bed sizes in the table below...

Dog Bed Type Dog Bed Sizes Vet Bedding Roll Sizes
Wool Dog Beds

Small: 56x56cm

Medium: 72x72cm

Large: 86x86cm

Giant: 100x100cm

Cosy Plus: 56x72cm

Cosy Plus Plus: 72x100cm

Trojan Waterproof Dog Beds

Small: 50x70cm

Medium: 70x100cm

Large: 90x120cm

Giant: 100x150cm


Bespoke Dog Bedding Options

One reason our dog bedding ranges are so popular with pet parents is because of our bespoke service. We know all too well that there are no two dogs the same, so we happily offer custom sizes to fit their specific needs.

If you require a specific size large dog bed, simply get in touch with our team with the measurements, and we'll get to work on creating the perfect bed.

We also offer custom colours and dog bed fillings so you can give your pet a bed as unique as they are.

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Find the Perfect Dog Bed for Your Labrador at Bronte Glen

If you're on the hunt for a luxury dog bed for your labrador, Bronte Glen is the perfect place. We boast a great selection of dog beds to suit all pups, from premium wool to super-tough ballistic nylon.

Choose from our wide choice of standard sizes, or get in touch to order a bespoke size tailored to your Labrador. Our expert team is always happy to help, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect bed for your four-legged friend and giving them the best night's sleep.

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First off, the dog bed will need to be the right size. Measure your dog to determine which size bed they'll need, and choose accordingly. 

Also, think about their behaviour – are they a playful pup that tends to get mucky, or are they more subdued? The material of the bed will need to reflect this, with more robust materials needed for active dogs. 

Bronte Glen has a fantastic range of beds in various sizes and fabrics, so you'll have no problem finding the best bed for your Labrador here.

Every Labrador will be different, so there's no standard-size dog bed, and all manufacturers are different – although you'll likely be looking at anywhere between a medium and extra large. You should measure your dog to determine which bed size is best for them. Use our Dog Bed Size Chart to see which Bronte Glen dog bed is the most suitable.

Bronte Glen's Senior Gold 7+ Cosy Dog Beds and Mattress Beds are specially created to provide additional comfort and support for older dogs. We use a special blend of antibacterial wool (30%) and polyester fibres, which offer a hygienic and cushioned sleeping space for your dog.

All dogs, regardless of breed, should sleep on a bed. A great-quality dog bed offers cushioning for your pet's limbs and joints, which is much better than sleeping on hard surfaces.