Trojan Fold Away Dog Bed

Our folding dog beds are the perfect combination of comfort for your pooch and convenience for you. We've crafted these beds to be easily transported for long road trips, weekends away, or even long, rambling hikes with your four-legged friend. Shop today!

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Trojan Fold Away Bed

Trojan Fold Away Bed

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Comfort Away from Home with Folding Dog Beds

Make your pet feel comfortable away from home wherever you go with our Trojan Fold Away Bed. We’ve cleverly created these beds to make your pet’s travels go smoothly and help them sleep soundly.

With an over-shoulder handle for easy transportation and a compact design to store it when not in use, this is the ultimate bed for taking on trips. It folds to a size of 50cm x 70cm, reducing the space needed for travel and easily fitting into your car or luggage. And, once you reach wherever you’re headed, simply unfold the bed, and your pup will have a cosy and familiar spot to relax in.

Expertly Designed & Crafted in the UK

Our folding dog beds are not only practical but also very comfortable for your pet. They’re made with our signature Trojan outer cover – a waterproof, washable, and incredibly tough design – making them great for outdoor adventure or messy pups.

Inside, we’ve used our premium balled polyester filling to provide a supportive and snuggly sleeping surface. We process these fibres in our working mill in West Yorkshire, ensuring the highest quality and comfort for your furry companion.

Keeping your pet comfortable while away from home is important for their overall well-being and happiness, and we’ve designed our folding dog beds with just that in mind.

Shop our folding dog beds today and give your dog the ultimate comfort wherever they are.

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We wouldn’t advise using our folding dog bed in the car. Instead, opt for our travel dog beds, which have a non-slip base for added safety.

These beds aren’t just limited to use while on the go; they also make great dog beds for your home! Simply fold and store them away when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space.

Cleaning your Trojan Fold-Away Dog Bed is simple. If it's just minor dirt, wipe the outer cover with a damp cloth. For a thorough clean, remove the cover using the zips and machine wash at 30°C. Remember to re-proof the cover using a waterproofing solution after washing. Always air dry, avoiding direct sunlight or radiators.

Yes. Our Trojan Fold Away bed is available in a standard size of 100cm x 70cm when open, folding to 50cm x 70cm. However, we welcome large orders and bespoke size requests. Contact us to request a bespoke size of the Fold Away bed.