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Our best-selling Senior Gold vet bedding is perfect for dogs over 7+ years who need a little extra support. Our range includes our cosy pet bed range as well as non-slip vet bedding, giving you a great choice for your senior dog. The vet bedding is not only comfortable and cosy, but also washable, making them practical and easy to care for.

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For senior dogs who need a little extra care, our Senior Gold vet bedding range is the perfect choice. 

We understand that older dogs need added comfort and support, so all of our products are designed carefully to provide just that. Our collection includes 2 types of senior dog beds: a cosy range and a non-slip range, so you can find the best-suited option for your pooch.

Premium Quality Cosy Senior Dog Beds

For our cosy pet beds, we combine extra heavyweight pile fabric with a special blend of antibacterial wool (30%) and polyester fibres that provide your dog with a much-needed comfortable and supportive sleeping area. These senior dog beds are also great at retaining heat, making them a great option for those winter months.

The cushion inserts are made using polyester cluster ball fibre filling manufactured at our West Yorkshire working mill, providing a padded, supportive and comfortable sleeping area for your pet.

Senior Non-Slip Vet Bedding

We use the same premium-quality deep pile polyester for our non-slip vet bedding, with all the same comfort, just with an added non-slip backing. These beds are ideal for placing on hard floors, like wood or tiles, as well as for travel so the bed doesn't slide around.

Both types of senior dog beds are hygienic, anti-irritant and anti-allergenic, as well as being fully machine washable. This makes them easy to care for and keep clean, so you can rest assured that your beloved pet always has a clean and comfortable place to sleep.

From our cosy washable dog beds to our non-slip vet bedding, we have something for every elderly pup. 

Shop our Senior Gold vet bedding range today and provide your best friend with a comfortable and supportive place to rest.


Our senior dog beds use extra heavyweight pile polyester to provide added comfort and support for your pet to help with their joints. We also use a special antibacterial fibre blend that includes 30% wool, making them both comfortable and hygienic. The cushion inserts are made using polyester cluster ball fibre filling for a padded and consistent feel.

Yes, both types of senior dog bed can be machine washed. Our cosy pet beds have a removable machine washable cover that unzips from the cushion insert. Wash the removable cover on a 30°C cycle and the inserts at 60°C.

Our non-slip vet bedding is made from a single piece and can be washed as a whole at 40°.

We strongly recommend providing your senior dog with a specially made bed as they can benefit greatly from the extra support and comfort that these beds provide. This is especially important for those dogs over 7+ years old, as they may be suffering from joint or muscle pain that can benefit from a supportive sleeping area.

Our Senior Gold vet bedding range is made using a combination of heavyweight pile polyester, special anti-bacterial fibres that includes 30% wool, and polyester cluster ball fibre filling. These materials are specially chosen to provide your pet with a comfortable and supportive sleep area.