Trojan Washable Dog Bed Mattress

Our washable dog mattresses are made with both you and your pup in mind. Our premium materials provide unmatched comfort for your pet while being easy to clean and maintain for you. Shop our Trojan Dog Mattresses today.

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Wipe-down & Fully-washable Mattress Dog Beds

Our washable Dog Mattresses make your life as a pet owner a whole lot easier! With our Trojan mattress range, you can clean your pup’s bed with a simple wipe-down or toss it in the washing machine for a deep clean.

The ballistic nylon outer cover is waterproof and dirt-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about muddy paws ruining your pup’s bed. Plus, this material is incredibly tough, making it a top choice for working dogs, puppies, and heavy chewers.

For smaller, everyday messes, you can easily brush off dried dirt with a stiff brush or use a damp cloth to scrub away surface muck. Or, for particularly messy pups and stubborn dirt, you can wash the entire dog bed in your washing machine. No fuss, no mess!

Read our dog bed washing advice to ensure the longevity of your Trojan dog bed.

Optimal Comfort for Your Pet

But these beds aren’t just convenient; they’re also wonderfully comfortable for your dog.

Our washable Dog Bed Mattresses come filled with our balled polyester fibre as standard, which has been carefully processed in our working mill. This filling provides optimal support and comfort for your dog, ensuring they get a good sleep wherever they are and whenever they need it.

The inserts are washable, too, making the entire bed easy to keep clean and fresh!

Shop our range of washable Dog Mattresses today for the most convenient and comfortable option for your furry friend.


Yes, our Trojan Dog Bed Mattresses are ideal for outdoor use. The outer cover is resistant to dirt, mud, and bacteria, making it excellent for use in outdoor settings. They’re a top choice for kennels and working dogs, but they’re perfect for even the most pampered pooch, too.

Our Trojan Dog Beds are completely safe for hosing down any stubborn dirt or mud.

Do not use a hose on our other dog beds as they are not made from waterproof material and can become damaged. If you do need to clean one of our non-waterproof beds, they can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth or brush or put in the washing machine following the correct instructions.

Our Trojan dog beds can be washed at 30°C in your standard domestic washing machine. Unzip the outer cover and separate the inserts before washing. You should also use a waterproof wash to maintain the waterproof properties of the cover, like a Nikwax Tech Wash.

The covers for Trojan dog beds are manufactured from ballistic nylon, a fabric known for its durability. It’s also used to make Police & Army-issued bullet and stab-proof vests, proving its robustness. It’s excellent for puppies and dogs who like to chew, nibble, or scratch at their beds, as well as working dogs who get dirty on the job.