Trojan Box Bed - Green
Trojan Box Bed - Green
Trojan Box Bed - Green
Trojan Box Bed - Green

Trojan Box Bed - Green

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Trojan Box Mattress: Green

Bronte Glen’s Trojan beds are probably the best and most hardwearing dog bed ever, with their unrivalled durability and waterproof design, they are the go-to choice for Kennels and working dog owners. Crafted to commercial standards, these beds boast a Ballistic nylon construction, the same material trusted by the Police and Army for their bullet and stab-proof vests.

Versatility is the hallmark of the Trojan range - be it a jet wash, hose pipe, or a quick wipe down, these beds are remarkably easy to clean, using one of these three methods:

  • Brush off any dried loose muck effortlessly.
  • Simply sponge clean or hose the bed for a thorough cleanse.
  • For a deeper clean, machine wash at 30 degrees with non-bio detergent only.

The beds come with a zip off cover, allowing for easier deep cleaning - simply remove the cover and wash at 30°C in your domestic washing machine.

Inside each bed, you'll find fully washable cushion inserts filled with our finest quality ball fibre polyester, used to ensure long-lasting support for your pet without clumping or sagging.

No matter the size you need, we have you covered. Our Trojan Box Mattress range includes:

  • Small: 55x55cm
  • Medium: 70x70cm
  • Large: 85x85cm

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Choose the Trojan Box Mattress today and treat your furry companions to the pinnacle of comfort and resilience they won't find anywhere else.