Country Classic Tweed Wool Mattress Dog Bed - Spey
Country Classic Tweed Wool Mattress Dog Bed - Spey

Country Classic Tweed Wool Mattress Dog Bed - Spey

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Country Classic Tweed Wool Dog Mattress - Spey

Enjoy the comfort and style of our Country Classic Tweed Wool Mattresses. Specially designed for pampered pets and elegant homes, the mattresses feature a 100% Shetland wool tweed upper, a high-quality upholstery grade fabric which boasts a Martindale score of over 30,000 rubs and are backed with a luxurious faux suede. Your furry companion will love it so much they won't want to leave it in the morning!

The beds come with a zip off cover, allowing for easy cleaning - simply remove the cover and wash at 30°C in your domestic washing machine. Inside each bed, you'll find fully washable cushion inserts filled with our finest quality ball fibre polyester, used to ensure long-lasting support for your pet without clumping or sagging. Wool ball filling is also available for those who prefer a natural filling.

Part of our newly expanded Country Classic Collection, our Spey Tweed Wool Mattress features the same traditional tweed plaid design in vivid greens and pinks to create a classic look with a modern twist.

Matching draught excluders and scatter cushions are also available.

Available in 4 standard sizes - custom sizes available upon request - just give us a call.

  • Small: 50cm x 70cm
  • Medium: 70cm x 100cm
  • Large: 90cm x 120cm
  • Giant: 100cm x 150cm

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