Meet our Testing Team - Scooby Doo 17 Jul 2017

Meet our Testing Team - Scooby Doo

We would love you to meet our Elite Bronte Glen Testing team,  They come into work on a daily basis to make sure that we are all doing our best to provide their fellow four legged friends with the ultimate in comfy beds.
Age- 6
Breed - Paterdale/Jack Russel
Favourite Hobby - Chasing Rabbits (its the terrier in him) 
Favourite Hobby in the mill - Playing with all the off cuts of Vet Bedding or with his blanket
Favourite Dog Bed - Scooby absolutly adores his beds (and he has quite a few) at work he has a senior Gold Grey Mattress Small.   At home he has a country classic Cosy in red which he loves to snuggle up in to watch Super vet, but his all time favourite bed is his merino wool cosy.  This is the bed he loves to sleep in on an evening and usually goes to sleep suckling one of the sides
Favourite treat - Cheesy Bites
Best Trick - Giving Paws and high fives
Scooby Loves going on his holidays in the Camper Van and is very excited as he has just got his first Passport to go on holiday to Ireland with.  Over the next few weeks our blogs will be keeping you updated on his current adventures and those of our other work dog Alfie - Alfie will be introduced in tommorows Blog

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