Meet our Testing Team - Alfie 17 Jul 2017

Meet our Testing Team - Alfie

Age- 3 
Breed - Cockerpoo
Favourite Hobby - Pinching Shoes and lining them up - or putting them out side on the lawn
Favourite Hobby in Work - Sitting on his box and barking for treats
Favourite Dog Bed - All of Afies beds and Country Classics, as he has a thick wool coat these luxury beds mean he doesnt over heat
Favourite Treat - Cheesy Bites
Best Trick - Alfies favourite trick is to jump on and sit on top of things but he can also dance and rollover.


Alfie is completly people mad - he just loves his family and he loves nothing More than going Camping and for big long walks,  Like Scooby Alfie has also just got his Passport to go on holiday abroad and he cant wait to share his adventures with you

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